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Spectral Imaging Camera Standard Measurement System


Product Overview:

This system consists of a spectral imaging camera with built-in small spectral imaging unit (Spect-100vis) developed in-house, a software to control the camera, another software basically for spectral imaging processing available in a visible range, and a PC.
Both high resolution measurement and two-dimensional color measurement are possible.

Features (Spectral Imaging Camera)

  • Small spectral imaging unit (with built-in Spect-100vis)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High resolution: excellent spatial and wavelength resolutions
  • Bright optical design with less stray light


Measurement wavelength range 380-780nm: Pixel size (1600*1280 in standard mode)
Wavelength resolution: approx. 5.5nm (for 20μ slit)
Minimum wavelength width for measurement: approx. 0.425nm
Spatial resolution: (approx. 600 LW/PH) *1)
Configuration: 160*120*190 (depth) (excluding protruding parts)
*1) When compositing BGR images per 200, 480 and 760Ch (full wavelength range: 960Ch)