Message from CEO

What is the expectations for Spectral Imaging? We keep it in our mind.
Our mission is to develop a device and system for persons who need the Spectral Imaging system.
We always think how we can solve the problems with the Spectral Imaging.
We always accommodate requests from our customers and develop a wide range of products.
So we can design and develop an only one unique products and application software.

We attempt to develop more user friendly products moving from the range of measurement device which is our current products.
We believe that in very near future the Spectroscopic analysis can be more visible and a user friendly.
We always take on a challenge to new product development.

CEO: Kazuji Matsumoto

Description of business

1. Research and development/production/distribution of the Spectral application devices
2. Optics, lamina, circuit design, numerical analysis and software development
3. Entrusted business of the Spectral Imaging research and development

Company Information

Company: Spectral Application Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SARLI)
Address: 211 Hi-cube 3-1-7 Wajiyama Nakaku Hamamatsu Shizuoka JAPAN
Establised: 5 Feb 2009
Capital: 3,700,000yen
CEO: Kazuji Matsumoto

Contact Information

: +81 53 523 9605
Hamamatsu Innovation Cube 211 3-1-7 Wajiyama Naka-ku Hamamatsu Shizuoka
Japan 432-8003

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