Miniature Halogen Box

Miniature Halogen Box (5W, 12W) type

This device is the fiber output type light source with built-in miniature halogen lamps (5W, 12W). Since it can irradiate to a relatively small area, it is effective for experiments of biological samples. 50*50mm square glass filter can be added. By adding the filter, light source characteristics approximate the D65 characteristics, so it is available for color measurement.

White/Black Box for Reflectance Calibration

Left: 30mm diameter type, Right: 9*9mm square type


The box for calibration of reflectance. Use this box to capture a refrectance image for the subject image, by obtaining spectroscopic images of this box and the subject at the same time. White uses Spectralon to guarantee high reflectance characteristics from ultraviolet to near infrared region. Black uses our original method to achieve lower refrection.

Polarizer Rotation Holder for lens attachment of (M40.5, P=5) size Attached to a camera lens

Attached to a camera lens


Polarizer rotation holder possible to attach to the lens attachment of M40.5 & P=0.5 size. This accessory is effective when the polarization from the sample needs to be determined during nature observation or animals and plants observation by spectral imaging.

How to use: Attach the polarizer on the holder and rotate it to fit to the lens. Determine the reference position by rotating the angle reference ring, and fix the ring with a screw. Rotate and set the polarizer according to the guide lines marked every 15 degrees.
Available lenses: Attachment size (M=40.5, P=0.5): e.g. Ultraviolet lens A4869 produced by Hamamatsu, etc.
Available polarizer: 25mm square or rectangular polarizer: e.g. Ultra Broadband Polarizer #68-750 produced by Edmund Optics, etc.