Special Order

Special Order: Spectral Imaging Device Spect-LF16 (Linear driving)


Spectral imaging device to obtain images in each wavelength region, by using round and rectangular interference filters or sharp cut fiilters, and changing the filter one by one.It is possible to set up to 16 round filters (25mm diameter) or 21 rectangular filters.

Special Order: Filter-type Spectral Imaging Device Spect-CL24

Rotary type, available specifically for pre-dispersive spectroscopy


Filter rotary type spectral imaging device, using up to 24 interference filters (Φ25mm). It is possible to measure from ultraviolet to visible region (300-760nm, 20nm interval).


Special Order: Pre-dispersive type Spectral Imaging System Spect-ilum-uv/vis

Irradiation-type spectroscope (300-760nm) is used in the product made by Bentham, UK.

This device is pre-dispersive type (switching wavelengths on the light source side) spectral imaging system to obtain images using cooling type camera by switching single-color irradiation light. Set the sample in a camera obscura to remove light from outside.

Since only a monochrome camera is mounted on the light receiving side in this system configuration, deterioration by additional optical systems is expected to be low, and thus, it is possible to obtain high resolution data (measurement range: 300-760nm).

Note: In case of optical systems in which the distance between the sample and the fiber of irradiation-type spectroscope is long (e.g. 60cm to 1m), due to the low intensity of illumination on the sample surface, the system can manage the long exposure time using cooling type camera. (The flower (Petunia) shown on the top page is measured by this device.)

Special Order: Arbitrary 3-band Optical Unit (Tuve3vis)


This device is the optical unit possible to measure the subject with three wavelengths at a time. Three monochrome cameras are attached on C-mount, and the filters to transmit or reflect the light with desired wavelength band are set for measurement.
A wide variety of measurements are possible, such as setting two cameras and one 0-dimensional spectroscope.
(Default optimum setting of this device is set in the visible region.)