How to make images

Explanation of spectroscopic representation method #1 using images


The screen shot shown above is the sample display during execution of the software which measures white petunia by our spectral imaging system (pre-dispersive type), and multiplies the specific color matching function (XYZ, sRGB) and desired sensitivity function to composite colors.

On the top, the measurement results per wavelength (24 images, 300-760nm, 20nm interval) are indicated.

In the middle, there are 24 slide bars to input sensitivity function (color matching function such as sRGB). Just like using the slide bars on audio equalizer, the sensitivity function can be adjusted in each wavelength (20nm interval).
The integrated values of each single-color image multiplied by sensitivy function are represented as Blue, Green and Red images. The bottom color image is their composite image.
Left image is the result of calculation of criterion function (sRGB), and right image is the result of calculation based on the values entered by the slide bars. The reflectivity characteristics in ultraviolet region are emphasized in the yellow flower image on the right, which is also displayed on the Top page.
Other interesting usage of this software is the representation to match the view of a certain animal other than human beings by entering sensitivity characteristics of the animal’s eyes.