Spectrum in the Future



By emitting light (visible light) to colored fibers (dyed textile), diffracting the reflected lights, and investigating the obtained spectrum, we can determine the type (qualification) of the dyestuffs and pigments and the amount (quantification) of each coloring materials in the dyed textile. We can also find the quantification of the target materials in a food, by changing the examined wavelength range to near infrared light and the measurement sample to a food. Other than these cases (colored fibers and foods), spectroscopic technique can make the investigation of various materials possible.

On the other hand, image processing technologies based on camera images are also evolving day by day. This technology basically started from recognition and judgment of shapes initially using monochrome cameras, however recently, color image processing using color camera is prevailing. In addition, focusing on the physical characteristics of the sample, various measurements have become possible, such as biological tissue by X-ray camera (CT), moisture content by near infrared camera, and temperature by infrared camera

If we have a technology to fuse spectroscopic technique which is strong in qualification and quantification of materials and two-dimensional measurement & image processing technique, we can represent a specific material as a two-dimensional map image to indicate the distribution of good material or to obtain two-dimensional image of problematic material. It will be an effective technology to solve the problems we had before and become popular in such areas. This is “Hyper Spectral Imaging Technique.” SARLI focuses on the research and product development of this “Hyper Spectral Imaging Technique,” and provides everybody with the opportunity to utilize this new technique.


The reason why this technology fits today is that “in addition to the development of spectral imaging technique, the technologies to support it continue to grow rapidly.” In other words, the backgrounds are the improvement of micro processor, the availability of computers (PCs and tablets) which are still increasing the computing speed and mass memory strages in lower prices, and moreover, the sharp drop of the memory unit price which seems to never stop. That is because spectral imaging processing requires enormous loop calculations, so that it is critical to increase calculation speed and provide mass memory for recording and processing data. (Progressive Status quo meet the goal (spectral imaging)